A downloadable furydream

your story begins where a brick meets glass— 
a single prismatic shard refracting light;
a speck of hope in a violent shower. 


BR/CK (battle-ready / creating kind spaces) is a cooperative furydream from quinn b. rodriguez and rue dickey, featuring art by nala j. wu. it was written for trans fucking rage jam and caltrop jam 2.

you play as a bloc of mortals who have found a portal into the Mirror Realm, a sanctum from the enemy that plagues you in the Mundane.

live your joy; protect your bliss.


itchfunding campaign

this furydream is currently in early access. all funds go towards the full layout version, payment for our artist, and community copies.

we anticipate the full digital release will be available by september 2022. 



featured on transplanar!


the team

quinn b. rodriguez is a queer nobinary polyam latine chronically ill/disabled sensitivity reader, ennie-nominated ttrpg creator, and actual play performer. they play citlalli on transplanar rpg, an all-trans, poc-led dnd show. you can find more of their work here and keep up with them on twitter

rue dickey is a Hugo-nominated mixed-race, disabled, nonbinary content creator. when they're not designing marketing materials for their day job, rue writes games that center marginalized experiences. queer rage and joy in equal parts are a focus of his design and they strive to create space at the table for stories that the world has tried to keep quiet. they would like to make the world just a little brighterby bringing these stories into the spotlight. you can keep up with them on twitter.

nala j. wu is a neurodivergent queer trans nbi illustrator of color who specializes in character/costume design, sci fi fantasy illustration, and concept art for games & animation! they also do voice acting, sensitivity reading, and appear on streamed ap shows and panels. you can find their portfolio here and on twitter here/here (art only).


This furydream is currently unavailable

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