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You are a Tethered - a supernatural being bound to an apartment complex.

Your Daylight Hours are your own. Perhaps you spend them holed up in your apartment; perhaps you venture out into the World. You appear as any human might.

In sleep, you enter the Zephyr: an ever-changing, surreal, vast sort of dreamscape. 

There are rumors that the Zephyr answers only to one being of unspeakable power:
the Hierophant, They Who Were Conjured From Aether.

But the Hierophant, it is said, has gone away for a while,
and in their absence, you may roam the Zephyr with nothing to hide.
You are Yourself there, every beautiful and strange part of you.


the hierophant's gone away for a while is a game about queer joy and found family.

tell the story you wish to tell together.


this game is currently in early access. you will receive an organized .pdf and plain text (.txt) version of the game. once funded and completed, you will receive a .pdf of the game with full layout, along with an updated plain text version if edits are made. 


hierophant first debuted on huetopia as part of pride brunchathon. check out the vod below! a massive thank you to huetopia, rk wilde, and that group of wonderful players.

Updated 16 hours ago
Published 25 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
GenreRole Playing
TagsAbstract, found-family, LGBT, Narrative, physical-game, Queer, supernatural, ttrpg


Buy Now
On Sale!
-50% Off
$5.00 $7.50 USD or more

This feverdream is temporarily more expensive! Learn more

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hierophant early access v1.0.pdf 70 kB

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