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the water came for us one night.
it came from nowhere and everywhere, and
doused the fires beside us in our beds
before we could open our mouths
to scream.

we may be strangers, but
we are what remains, 
kindling flames cradled against our chests,
alone together
on the water.

we cannot fight the water,
but we can learn to live with it.


how we learned to fill our lungs with salt is about moving forward while looking behind. it is about loss, grief, found family, healing, and growth in the face of the inevitable.

it was created as a part of the up all night jam with off the table and superqueero.

for each copy of how we learned to fill our lungs with salt purchased, another community copy will be added to the pool.


this feverdream delves into dark places. please play using safety tools (see the ttrpg safety toolkit) and with respect/trust in your fellow players.

the ttrpg safety toolkit is a resource co-curated by kienna shaw and lauren bryant-monk. the ttrpg safety toolkit is a compilation of safety tools that have been designed by members of the tabletop roleplaying games community for use by players and gms at the table.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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for each copy of how we learned to fill our lungs with salt purchased, another community copy will be added to the pool.


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I finally got a chance to play this and I absolutely loved it! Incredible atmosphere and deeply moving.


How We Learned To Fill Our Lungs With Salt is a two page lyric game about surviving in the aftermath of a tragedy. Or maybe about being lost at sea. Or maybe about something else. A lot of room is left to interpret the text.

Lungs' layout is lovely, and uses fairly subtle elements (a few scratchy lines and a perspective just under the surface) to achieve a really strong effect.

 Mechanics-wise, it's simple and story-oriented. As a group, you share memories in bits and pieces. The framing of the game suggests that these are memories from a great tragedy, or possibly from before it, but the rules lean hard into implying the game's tone and contents without telling you outright.

If you're looking for a concrete, clear, step-by-step kind of game, Lungs might be a little frustrating. But if you're looking to Feel Things, possibly very intensely, this will definitely achieve that effect. Pick it up if you can.


A beautiful game rife with genuinely heartwarming and raw emotion. Definitely something to be played with safety tools -- but with an amazing group you will cry, smile, laugh, and hope!